Doncaster, a small town in the north of England is unheard of by many, but that will soon change when it becomes famous for being the birthplace of an artist who already has all the makings of a great. David Zincke.

An elegantly bluesy voice, wonderfully poetic lyrics, a graceful, finger-picking guitar folk music, and yet the power and simplicity of pop songs. These are the main qualities which make this songwriter a rare jewel indeed, and essential listening in the years to come.

He was gifted from a young age, taking inspiration from his surroundings, growing up in a musical family of diverse origins. Mr Zincke then chose to leave the UK and join his cousins who were exiled on the French Riviera, and there he discovered the live music scene he’d always dreamed of. He played every night around the cafes and bars of Nice, which became his adopted home.

The story then goes that it was in the streets of Nice that he met Medi, a producer newly arrived back in his home town in order to tap into the wealth of talent on the local scene. Instantly smitten on hearing David’s music, Medi immediately offered to produce him and sign him on his label Dime On Records. The two of them set up their own entente cordiale, leading to the eagerly anticipated “Soul And Bones” album, due out in early 2017.

In the meantime, David has been doing some pretty impressive shows supporting artists including Marina Kaye, The Hives, Madeleine Peyroux, The Stranglers, Aurora, Rose….so look out, because soon there’ll be no avoiding him!

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