Founded in 2014 by French singer-songwriter and producer Medi, Dime On has become in just a few years one of the most proactive music company of the French Riviera.

 Not only by producing from its very own recording studio the music of Medi, David Zincke, Yana, Solestones, Paperface and many more, but also by putting on succesfull live events such as Dime On Fest, Les Nuits Dime On, or The Dime On Sessions.

Since 2017, Dime On has also been leading Live Attitude, a social and cultural program for young musicians, already responsible for the discovery of talents such as Les Gavas De La Ville. And in october 2018, always driven by the will of connecting art lovers, Dime On Cafe has opened its doors in the center of Nice.

The city that’s heart is now beating to the sound of Dime On.